Transport Sector Coordinating Committee

Driving the Sector to Regional Connectivity

The Transport Sector Coordinating Committee, or TSCC, guides strategic decision making and planning for all transport-related investments. It also coordinates other sector-wide issues and activities, including

  • events and capacity-building activities,
  • identifying transport sector pilot projects and development issues with sector-wide implications, and
  • coordinating the work of transport project working groups.

The TSCC regularly reports and makes recommendations to the CAREC Senior Officials' Meeting, which in turn informs the CAREC Ministerial Conference.

The TSCC comprises senior government officials from relevant agencies and ministries in all CAREC countries. It works with the CAREC national focal points to ensure effective coordination on a regional level, and with the CAREC Secretariat, based out of the Asian Development Bank.

The TSCC meets at least once a year. The host country for each committee meeting acts as the official chair of that meeting.

Refer to the institutional framework document for more information on sector coordinating committees.