Expanding Knowledge and Strengthening Capacity Building

This database serves as a knowledge repository for the CAREC trade policy sector. It provides access to documents and publications that focus on trade policy developments and issues as well as regional cooperation in the sector.

Publications in the database are from CAREC’s multilateral institution partners, other development partners in the CAREC region, research institutions, academia, and other sources.

5 Most Recent Studies Other Sector-related Studies
YearTitle and DescriptionVersion
May 2017Europe and Central Asia Economic Update
The report finds that policies focused on improving trade in Europe and Central Asia are crucial for building on this modest growth.
(World Bank)
Mar 2017Why Trade Finance Gaps Persist: Does it Matter for Trade and Development?
Trade finance shortfalls now appear regularly. Does this matter for trade expansion and economic development in developing countries?
Jan 2017Can Trade Help Achieve the Employment Targets of the Sustainable Development Goals?
The theoretical and empirical links between trade and employment are examined to suggest whether trade has a positive or negative impact on the quantity and quality of employment.
Dec 2016Trade, Infrastructure, and Development
This paper surveys the literature on trade and development, especially on complementarities associated with trade infrastructure.
Oct 2016CAREC Development Effectiveness Review 2015
This CAREC Program Development Effectiveness Review is the sixth annual consolidated picture of progress made by country and multilateral institution partners of CAREC toward economic development through regional cooperation. It measures the performance of CAREC projects and initiatives in transport, trade, and energy during 2015; highlights achievements; identifies areas for improvement; and proposes actions to meet emerging challenges and assist in strategic decision making.
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