Trade Facilitation-related Studies

Expanding Knowledge and Strengthening Capacity Building

This database serves as a knowledge repository for the CAREC trade facilitation sector. It provides access to documents and publications that focus on developments and issues in the area of trade facilitation as well as regional cooperation in the sector.

Publications in the database are from CAREC’s multilateral institution partners, other development partners in the CAREC region, research institutions, academia, and other sources.

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Jun 2017The Almaty–Bishkek Economic Corridor
The Almaty–Bishkek Economic Corridor, which emanated from the Almaty–Bishkek Corridor Initiative, transforms the area into a single space where exchange of ideas, movement of goods and meeting people is fast, easy, and free of barriers. This fact sheet explains the corridor concept and its application through Almaty–Bishkek Economic Corridor (ABEC) development, shows the achieved milestones, and outlines the tasks ahead.
Jun 2017Digital Trade Facilitation: Paperless Trade in Regional Trade Agreements
This paper examines the extent to which measures aimed at dematerializing trade data and documents and enabling their electronic exchange, commonly referred to as paperless trade measures, are included in regional trade agreements, including in the Trans-Pacific Partnership and ASEAN agreements.
May 2017Turning the Tide in Turbulent Times: Leveraging Trade for Kazakhstan's Development
Kazakhstan is facing its greatest economic challenge since the global crisis. With oil prices at $50 per barrel, the country urgently needs to adjust its economic model and find new sources of economic growth.
(World Bank)
Mar 2017Why Trade Finance Gaps Persist: Does it Matter for Trade and Development?
Trade finance shortfalls now appear regularly. Does this matter for trade expansion and economic development in developing countries?
Mar 2017Trade Finance Program Brochure
This brochure provides an overview of the advantages of ADB's Trade Finance Program, a program summary, as well as information on the confirming and issuing bank transaction processes. The three main products of ADB's Trade Finance Program (TFP) are Guarantee Products, Funded Product, Distribution Product (Cofinance).
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