CAREC Trade Facilitation Consultation Workshop for Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia: 23 February 2017

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After Georgia became the 11th member country of the CAREC program in October 2016, Asian Development Bank organized a national consultation workshop.

The workshop aimed to introduce the salient features of the CAREC Trade Facilitation program to Georgian government officials and stakeholders, and to identify technical cooperation possibilities.

The workshop comprised of the following presentations: Overview of the CAREC Program, Overview of Trade Facilitation Sector in CAREC, Private Sector Participation-CAREC Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring and CAREC Federation of Carrier and Forwarder Associations, Facilitation of Regional Transit Trade in CAREC, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures for CAREC, and Discussions on Implementing the Trade Facilitation Program in CAREC.

Government officials expect the CAREC Trade Facilitation Program to assist in making Georgia an important transit corridor.

Representatives from the Ministries of Economy and Sustainable Development, Finance, and Industry and Trade Chamber, and carrier and forwarding companies and related associations attended the workshop.

(Click here to learn more about Trade Facilitation in CAREC.)

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