Road Safety Workshop

Bangkok, Thailand: 18-19 April 2016

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Representatives from CAREC member countries, private sector, nongovernment organizations, and development partners participated in a workshop to start formulating a regional strategy to make CAREC roads safer.

They discussed the current road safety situation in each country and agreed on priority actions to ensure that the draft strategy will address key issues across the region.

The workshop was co-hosted by Asian Development Bank and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, and chaired by Pakistan in its role as Chair to the CAREC program in 2016.

Road safety is a key issue for the CAREC region. Across the 10 CAREC countries, road traffic death rates range from 10.1 to 24.2 per 100,000 population based on World Health Organization data for 2013.

Thus, there is considerable scope for CAREC countries to improve their road safety performance and to reduce road crash deaths and injuries while also delivering significant social and economic benefits.


The 14th CAREC Ministerial Conference -- held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 25 September 2015 -- endorsed a joint commitment to road safety.

In order to increase cooperation and consistency in road safety with a focus on CAREC road corridors, CAREC countries have decided to develop a regional road safety strategy.

This will be drafted in 2016, with inputs from representatives from government agencies involved in road safety in each country, as well as other stakeholders.

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