Regional Workshop on Preparing Public-Private Partnerships

Tokyo, Japan: 3-7 February 2014

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Institute, the Agence Francaise de Developpement, and ADB, through the CAREC Institute, jointly organized a training workshop on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Infrastructure Development.

Takeo Koike, principal investment specialist from the Private Sector Operations Department of ADB, gave a presentation on ADB's strategy as well as its financial and technical tools to promote PPP projects.

Topics discussed in other sessions include institutional, economic, legal, and contractual aspects of PPP projects; identification and planning of PPP projects; preparation of a PPP project; and overview of PPP contractual and financial structure.

Dr. Yuqing Xing, director of the Capacity Building and Training Department of the ADB Institute, spoke about the successful case of PPP in Japan.

Thirty participants from 18 Asian countries, including the 10 CAREC countries, attended the workshop.