CAREC is a practical, project-based program that has grown from 6 projects worth $247 million in 2001, to 176 projects worth more than $29.4 billion in 2016.

Projects in Pakistan

As of 2016, CAREC has mobilized more than $1.28 billion for six projects in Mongolia. Since joining CAREC, Pakistan has been actively looking for new ways to overcome barriers to growth in trade and commerce while improving its national road corridors.

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Complete Projects List

Each project entry contains detailed information, including a description, country coverage, priority area or sector, expected outputs and outcomes, approval and expected completion dates, funding type and amount, and related links and documents.

You can view the complete list of funding agencies below.

12 Projects Available
Project TitleSectorsCorridorsFunding AgenciesFunding TypesApproval YearStatus
CAREC Railway Connectivity Investment Program TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2016Ongoing
National Motorway M-4 Gojra–Shorkot–Khanewal Section Project - Additional Financing TransportNAADB, AITF, DFIDGrant, Loan2016Ongoing
CAREC Regional Improving Border Services Project Trade FacilitationNAADBLoan2015Ongoing
Enabling Economic Corridors through Sustainable Transport Sector Development TransportNADFIDTechnical Assistance2015Ongoing
National Motorway M-4 Gojra–Shorkot Section Project Transport5, 6ADB, DFIDGrant, Loan2015Ongoing
Second Customs Reform and Trade Facilitation Project, Additional Financing Trade FacilitationNAWBGrant2015Ongoing
CAREC Corridor Development Investment Program TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2015Ongoing
National Trade Corridor Highway Investment Program, Tranche 3 Transport5ADBLoan2014Ongoing
MFF: National Trade Corridor Highway Investment Program, Tranche 2 Transport5ADBLoan2014Ongoing
Regional Improving Border Services Project TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2013Completed
Pakistan Sustainable Transport Project TransportNAGEF, UNDPTechnical Assistance2011Ongoing
Trade and Transport Facilitation II Trade FacilitationNAWBLoan2009Completed
Funding Agencies
ADB = Asian Development Bank, AITF = Afghanistan Infrastructure Trust Fund, DFID = Department for International Development, GEF = Global Environment Facility, UNDP = United Nations Development Programme, WB = World Bank