Ninth Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting

Tokyo, Japan: 6-10 September 2010

Hosted by the Afghan Customs Department, the annual meeting reviewed progress made since the Customs Cooperation Committee’s (CCC) inception in 2002, and discussed plans for the next 5 years on how to achieve its objectives in the five identified priority areas: (i) simplification and harmonization of customs procedures and documentation, (ii) information and communication technology for customs modernization and data exchange, (iii) risk management and post-entry audit, (iv) joint customs control, and (v) regional transit development.

Technical working group meetings were held prior to the CCC’s ninth annual meeting to review the accomplishments in the last 9 years on the five priority areas. Draft summary tables of accomplishments were prepared, and the CAREC customs authorities will update them over the coming months to provide richer data for the review.

The meeting also provided training on the objectives and approach of the World Customs Organization’s (WCO) Time Release Study (TRS) methodology and single window development, with a focus on learning from Japan's experience in implementing the TRS and a single window.

Japan Customs hosted the participants’ visit to the Yokohama Port. The participants observed storage management and handling of containerized cargoes, and saw how it is connected to the Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System, Japan’s single window system, and risk management operations by Yokohama Customs.



Presentation Materials
Day 1
WCO and ADB Partnership in Promoting Customs Cooperation in Central Asia | РУССКИЙ
Main Outcomes of the CAREC Senior Officials' Meeting in April 2010 | РУССКИЙ
Progress Report on CAREC Customs Cooperation Activities 2010-2011 | РУССКИЙ
Plenary 1
· Afghanistan | РУССКИЙ
· Azerbaijan | РУССКИЙ
· Kazakhstan | РУССКИЙ
· Tajikistan | РУССКИЙ
Plenary 2
· Azerbaijan | РУССКИЙ
· Mongolia: Customs Modernization | РУССКИЙ
· Mongolia: Single Window Initiative | РУССКИЙ
· Mongolia: Risk Management | РУССКИЙ
· Uzbekistan | РУССКИЙ
Plenary 3
· Kyrgyz Republic | РУССКИЙ
· Uzbekistan | РУССКИЙ
Other Concerns
· Customs Capacity Building | РУССКИЙ
· Azerbaijan | РУССКИЙ
· Mongolia | РУССКИЙ
· Uzbekistan | РУССКИЙ
Day 2
Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring | РУССКИЙ
WCO Time Release Study | РУССКИЙ
Japan Customs' Experience in Conducting Time Release Studies | РУССКИЙ
AEO [Authorized Economic Operators] Program in Japan | РУССКИЙ
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Enforcement: Experiences of Japan Customs | РУССКИЙ
Single Window Environment and WCO Data Model | РУССКИЙ
Day 3
Japan's Single Window: Contribution of NACCS to International Trade and Logistics | РУССКИЙ
The Role of Trade Facilitation in Central Asia: Results from a Gravity Model | РУССКИЙ
Building Efficient Transport and Trade across Asia and the Pacific | РУССКИЙ

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