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Apr 2015Kyrgyz Republic: Building for Growth
With the support of development partners like ADB, Kyrgyz Republic has made considerable progress in its transition to becoming a market economy.
Feb 2015Azerbaijan and ADB: Celebrating 15 years of partnership
These images highlight some of the major accomplishments of the 15-year effort to help Azerbaijan achieve its development targets and ensure inclusive growth.
Feb 2015Urban Heating Options for the Kyrgyz Republic
A new World Bank study identifies viable heating options and related investment measures to meet heat demand in urban residential and public buildings in the country.
PhotoEnergyKGZWorld Bank
Sep 2012Kazakhstan's Rising Income Status
The Asian Development Bank's partnership with Kazakhstan was forged in 1994, providing much needed support in agriculture, education, finance, industry, enterprise sector reforms, and delivery of social services. Today, the extent of economic and social progress taking place across the country is hard to ignore.
Sep 2012Uzbekistan: On a Fast Track to Development
Since 1995, the Asian Development Bank has supported Uzbekistan's efforts toward environmentally sustainable rural development, as well as the development of the private sector, regional transport and transit routes, and human capital. Robust economic progress has brought steady gains in living standards and investments in large infrastructure projects.
PhotoEconomy, TransportUZBADB
Jul 2012Afghanistan: The Next Decade and Beyond
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has provided nearly $2.9 billion in concessional loans, grants, and technical assistance since ADB's operations resumed in Afghanistan in 2002. ADB hopes to improve the lives of millions of people, by 2020.
PhotoEconomy, Transport, EnergyAFGADB
Apr 2012Mongolia Moving Forward
The Asian Development Bank and the Government of Mongolia have agreed on a new 5-year development assistance strategy that aims to help the country diversify its economy and tackle poverty issues.
PhotoEconomy, TransportMONADB
Jan 2012Children Dream of Bright and Modern Future for Tajikistan and Its Neighbors
Children from Dushanbe entered a drawing contest to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program.
PhotoRegional CooperationTAJADB
Oct 2011Highlights from the Central Asia Atlas
The Central Asia Atlas brings to its readers a sense of the beauty and wealth in Central Asia, the issues its people face in using and conserving natural resources, and the efforts toward sustainable development.
Apr 2010Projects, People and Places - Uzbekistan Grows with Help from ADB
Four photo essays on Uzbekistan presenting ADB's contributions to small businesses, improvements in the rail system, upgrades to regional road networks, and modernized textbooks.
PhotoTransport, EconomyUZBADB
Apr 2010Modern Highways Rejuvenate Ancient Trade Links
The new four-lane highway stretching across the Kazakh border will shorten transport time and generate better profits.
Apr 2010New Silk Road on Track
Uzbekistan's railroads have been modernized and rehabilitated by the assistance of ADB.
Apr 2010How Small Amounts Can Make Big Change
Small loans are expanding people's potential in Uzbekistan.
PhotoEconomy, Poverty ReductionADB
Aug 2009Energy is Life: A Steady Supply of Electricity is Changing Lives in Afghanistan
After more than three decades of conflict, much of Afghanistan's power transmission and distribution infrastructure was destroyed. Bringing reliable electricity to the people of Afghanistan is a key component of the ADB's strategy to support Afghanistan's reconstruction and development.
Mar 2009Tajikistan, ADB Mark 10 Years of Partnership
On 19 March 2009, Asian Development Bank's Vice President Xiaoyu Zhao met with Tajikistan President Emomali Rakhmon on the sidelines of the 10th anniversary of partnership between ADB and Tajikistan.
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