Fifth Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting

Astana, Kazakhstan: 11–13 October 2006

The Fifth Meeting of the Customs Cooperation Committee (CCC) was held on 11-13 October 2006 in Astana, Kazakhstan to assess the progress and chart the strategic direction of the CAREC's Trade Facilitation Program.

The Meeting included:

  • progress reports on activities since the Fourth CCC Meeting;
  • discussion on the work program under the priority areas of CAREC's Trade Facilitation Program; and
  • Consultation Forum on (i) Logistics Development and Trade Facilitation, and (ii) Integrated Border Management.

Background and Objectives

The Customs Cooperation Committee (CCC) consists of the heads of customs administrations joining the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program supported by ADB. The CCC provides overall coordination and supervision to the CAREC's Trade Facilitation Program to promote customs reforms and modernization as a medium-term priority. The CCC has also been serving as a forum to promote an integrated trade facilitation approach through inter-agency cooperation and partnership with the business community. The CCC convenes the meeting each year.

The previous CCC Meetings were held in Urumqi, People's Republic of China (PRC) on 20-21 August 2002; Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan on 9-10 October 2003; Baku, Azerbaijan on 1-3 December 2004; and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 7-9 September 2005.



Presentation Materials
Plenary Session 1
Afghanistan: Customs Reforms and Modernization and Transit Facilitation | РУССКИЙ
Azerbaijan: Country Progress Report | РУССКИЙ
People's Republic of China: Progress Report on Trade Facilitation | РУССКИЙ
Kyrgyz Republic: Country Progress Report | РУССКИЙ
Mongolia: Progress on Trade Facilitation | РУССКИЙ
Plenary Session 2
Kazakhstan: Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures and Documentation | РУССКИЙ
Kazakhstan: Joint Control | РУССКИЙ
People's Republic of China: Pilot Testing of Joint Customs Control between PRC-MON
Mongolia: Joint Customs Control Initiatives between Mongolian and PRC Customs | РУССКИЙ
People's Republic of China: Progress on Accession to TIR Convention | РУССКИЙ
Plenary Session 3
People's Republic of China: PRC Customs Risk Management
Kazakhstan: Development of Risk Management in the Customs Service | РУССКИЙ
Uzbekistan: Development of Unified Automated Information System of State Customs Committee | РУССКИЙ
Azerbaijan: Economic Development and Customs Strategy | РУССКИЙ
Kyrgyz Republic: Regional Customs Modernization and Infrastructure Development Project | РУССКИЙ
Mongolia: Mongolian Customs Modernization Project | РУССКИЙ
Tajikistan: Customs Modernization | РУССКИЙ
Consultation Forums
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development: Logistics Development and Trade Facilitation | РУССКИЙ
People's Republic of China: Trade Facilitation Initiatives at the Global Level in PRC Customs
World Customs Organization: Integrated Border Management | РУССКИЙ
Kazakhstan: Integrated Border Control | РУССКИЙ

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