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Seventh Ministerial Conference on Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC)19-21 Nov 2008Baku, AzerbaijanMCCAREC Program Areas
CAREC High-Level Veterinary Officials' Visit to the People's Republic of China3-10 Nov 2008PRCOthersOthers
CAREC Senior Officials' Meeting25-26 Sep 2008Baku, AzerbaijanSOMCAREC Program Areas
Ninth Trade Policy Coordinating Committee Meeting23 Sep 2008Baku, AzerbaijanTPCCTrade Policy
CAREC Electricity Regulators Forum's Fourth Annual Meeting15-19 Sep 2008Issy-Kul, Kyrgyz RepublicOthersEnergy
Workshop on Economic Diversification and Structural Changes in Kazakhstan: Opportunities and Challenges15 Sep 2008Almaty, KazakhstanTraining/SeminarOthers
Workshop on Economic Diversification and Structural Changes in Kazakhstan: Opportunities and Challenges12 Sep 2008Astana, KazakhstanTraining/SeminarOthers
Seventh Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting8-9 Sep 2008Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyz RepublicCCCTrade Facilitation
Workshop on Trade Logistics Development2-4 Sep 2008Tashkent, UzbekistanTraining/SeminarTrade Facilitation
Workshop on Single Window Development for CAREC Trade and Customs Officials8-10 Jul 2008SingaporeTraining/SeminarTrade Facilitation
Seminar on Trade Development of Regional Agricultural Products in Central Asia17-18 Jun 2008Urumqi, PRCTraining/SeminarOthers
Joint Meeting of the Transport Sector Coordinating Committee and Trade Facilitation/Customs Cooperation Committee on Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC)11-12 Jun 2008Baku, AzerbaijanTSCC, CCCTransport, Trade Facilitation
CAREC Customs Training Course on Tariff Collection Supervision3-12 Jun 2008Shanghai, PRCTraining/SeminarTrade Facilitation
CAREC Senior Officials' Meeting24-25 Apr 2008Baku, AzerbaijanSOMCAREC Program Areas
Seminar on Trade Logistics and CAREC Corridor Performance Monitoring23 Apr 2008Baku, AzerbaijanTraining/SeminarTrade Facilitation, Transport
Seventh CAREC Energy Sector Coordinating Committee Meeting23 Apr 2008Baku, AzerbaijanESCCEnergy
Multilateral Trade Liberalization: Recent Developments and Outstanding Issues3 Apr 2008Bishkek, Kyrgyz RepublicTraining/SeminarTrade Facilitation
Eighth Trade Policy Coordinating Committee Meeting2 Apr 2008Bishkek, Kyrgyz RepublicTPCCTrade Policy
Private Sector Participation and Investment in Physical Infrastructure for CAREC5-7 Mar 2008Tokyo, JapanTraining/SeminarCAREC Program Areas, Private Sector
Regional Cooperation and Integration in Central Asia under CAREC: The Road to Stability and Prosperity4 Mar 2008Tokyo, JapanOutreachCAREC Program Areas
3rd Regional Consultation Workshop on the CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy30-31 Jan 2008Tashkent, UzbekistanTraining/SeminarTransport, Trade Facilitation
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