CAREC Federation of Carrier and Forwarder Associations (CFCFA) Second Business Networking Forum and Working Groups Meeting

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China (PRC): 4-5 June 2012

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (IMAR) Logistics Association Chairman Mr. Zhang Haifeng and ADB Division Director Mr. Ying Qian welcomed participants from transport and logistics companies, major shippers, road carriers, and freight forwarders of the 10 CAREC countries. CAREC trade facilitation focal points and representatives of multilateral institution partners also attended.

Participants joined the

  • Second Business Networking Forum. The forum provided a venue for logistics and trade companies from CAREC countries to find credible, capable, and resourceful partners in the CAREC region. Country representatives presented business opportunities, ongoing and future projects designed to facilitate trade, and profiles and services of CFCFA member associations.

    CFCFA Chairman Capt. Lin Zhong briefed participants on CFCFA’s objectives, members, and programs. Head of the CAREC Secretariat Mr. Ronald Butiong presented the CAREC Program’s new 10-year strategic framework (CAREC 2020) and measures to facilitate cross-border transport of goods and people in the CAREC region.
  • Working Groups Meeting. Members of the three CFCFA working groups discussed issues relating to (i) Standardization and International Best Practices, (ii) Cross-Border and Corridor Development, and
    (iii) Organization and Funding. They finalized priority project proposals for implementation under CAREC 2020, identified resources available for funding, and prepared respective action plans.

Presentation Materials
Day 1
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Kazakhstan - Kazakhstan Freight Forwarders Association | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Kyrgyz Republic - Kyrgyz Freight Operators Association | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Mongolia - Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry | РУССКИЙ | 中文
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Tajikistan - Association of International Automobile Carriers “ABBAT” | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Road Cargo Transportation in Turkmenistan - Turkmen Association of International Road Carriers | РУССКИЙ | 中文
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Transport Information and Logistic Portal | РУССКИЙ | 中文
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Ulaanbaatar Logistics Center - Tuushin Llc Projects
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IRU [International Road Transport Union] Activities to Facilitate Eurasian Road Transport and Its Latest Initiatives | РУССКИЙ | 中文

Key Documents
Program | РУССКИЙ | 中文

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