Project Details
Greater Silk Road Initiative
Summary:The overall goal of the regional technical assistance (TA) was to promote economic growth and raise standards of living in the countries of Central Asia through economic cooperation.
Expected Outcome:The TA had three specific purposes: (i) to elevate efforts to identify, prepare, and implement key regional projects in priority sectors; (ii) to explore new cooperation opportunities in line with the widening of the geographical scope of the CAREC Program; and (iii) to strengthen the partnership between ADB and the participating countries through the program's overall institutional framework.
Expected Outputs:The expected outputs included (i) the preparation of existing key regional projects and identification of new ones in the priority sectors of transport, energy, and trade facilitation; (ii) the identification of new regional projects and programs; and (iii) strengthened institutional framework for fostering mutual trust and understanding.
Date Approved:2002
Expected Completion:2003
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $950,000
Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation: $50,000
Links/Documents:TA Completion Report