Project Details
Facilitation of Transport Cooperation among Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Countries (Phase I)
Summary:The technical assistance facilitates transport cooperation among CAREC countries to achieve sustainable and inclusive economic development in the region through the Transport Sector Coordinating Committee.
Expected Outcome:The expected outcome of the RETA was the functioning of the TSCC as an effective mechanism for planning, coordination, and monitoring of transport cooperation activities among CAREC countries.
Expected Outputs:The expected outputs of the RETA included (i) a pre-feasibility study report on developing and improving the three transport corridors, and (ii) effective functioning of the TSCC in coordinating transport cooperation activities among CAREC countries during 2006-2007.
Date Approved:2005
Expected Completion:2007
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $650,000
Links/Documents:TA Completion Report