Project Details
Energy Supply Improvement Investment Program, Tranche 2
Summary:The project will expand power imports from Turkmenistan through an asynchronous power interconnection, establish a unified power grid in Afghanistan, and extend the power grid into central Afghanistan.
Expected Outcome:Increased supply of imported and indigenous power
Expected Outputs:
  • New 500 megawatts high voltage direct current back to back voltage source convertor station commissioned at Dashte Alwan
  • New 180 kilometers of 220-kV transmission line commissioned from Doshi to Bamyan
  • New 220/20-kV substation commissioned in Bamyan with a distribution network 3,000 kilometers including 20,000 new connections.
Date Approved:2016
Expected Completion:2023
Funding Type:Grant
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $188,230,000
Afghanistan Infrastructure Trust Fund: $225,770,000
Government of Afghanistan: $5,000,000
People's Republic of China (PRC) Regional Cooperation and Poverty Reduction Fund: $1,000,000
Links/Documents:NEWS: ADB approves $415 million grant to support Afghanistan's energy security
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