Project Details
Rail Trade and Transport Facilitation Project (East - West main line), Additional Financing
Summary:The objective of the Additional Financing (AF) for the Rail Trade and Transport Facilitation Project is to improve railway services in Azerbaijan, as well as the competitiveness, financial sustainability, operating and cost efficiency, and capacity of the Azerbaijan railways in particular along the transport east-west corridor.

The AF will finance costs associated with the increased cost of power conversion and signaling works along the East-West Main Line together with additional activities under the institutional modernization component.

Expected Outcome:The AF will allow the Government of Azerbaijan to cover a financing gap and complete the power conversion and installation of new signaling system at the East-West main line in support of track rehabilitation entirely financed by the government.
Expected Outputs:
Date Approved:2013
Expected Completion:2017
Funding Type:Loan
Funding Amount:World Bank: $450,000
Government of Azerbaijan: $220,000
Links/Documents:World Bank Project Page
Rail Trade and Transport Facilitation Project (East-West main line)