Project Details
National Motorway M-4 Gojra–Shorkot–Khanewal Section Project - Additional Financing
Summary:The additional financing will support an increase in the scope of the current project by constructing a 64-kilometer (km) four-lane, access-controlled motorway connecting Shorkot and Khanewal in Punjab Province, which is the last missing section of the national motorway M-4 to be constructed.
Expected Outcome:An efficient and safer transport corridor between Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Multan that enhances connectivity between the various parts of the country
Expected Outputs:
  • 126 km of four-lane, access-controlled motorway connecting Gojra, Shorkot, and Khanewal constructed and serviceable
  • Safeguard and contract administration capacity of the NHA strengthened
Date Approved:2016
Expected Completion:2020
Funding Type:Grant
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $100,000,000 (Loan)
Afghanistan Infrastructure Trust Fund: $100,000,000 (Loan)
Department for International Development: $34,000,000 (Grant)
Government of Pakistan: $39,000,000
Links/Documents:National Motorway M-4 Gojra–Shorkot Section Project
Report and Recommendation of the President: National Motorway M-4 Gojra–Shorkot– Khanewal Section Project - Additional Financing