Project Details
Energy-Efficient Design and Construction of Residential Buildings
Summary:The goal of this project is to decrease greenhouse gas emissions from new residential buildings by transforming practices and markets in the building sector of Kazakhstan towards more energy-efficient design and construction.
Expected Outcome:
  • Improved enforcement and implementation of mandatory building energy codes, standards and rating system
  • Development of standards, certification and labeling of energy efficient indicators for construction materials and components
  • Education and outreach to promote energy efficient design, applying best practices and technology
  • Demonstrate the application of energy efficient building design, embodying best practices, in two state-funded residential buildings
Expected Outputs:
Date Approved:2010
Expected Completion:2015
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:United Nations Development Programme: $25,000
Government of Kazakhstan: $24,850,000
Global Environment Facility: $7,588,000
Links/Documents:UNDP Project Page