Project Details
Technology Transfer and Market Development for Small-Hydropower in Tajikistan
Summary:The project aims at initiating UNDP Tajikistan's strategy - the scaling up of pilot activities for the acceleration of progress towards the achievement of MDGs with a particular focus on improving access to renewable energy in rural regions for the purpose of poverty reduction and triggering economic development.
Expected Outcome:The project will significantly accelerate the development of small-scale hydropower (SHP) generation in Tajikistan by removing barriers through enabling legal and regulatory framework, capacity building, and developing sustainable delivery models, thus substantially avoiding the use of conventional biomass and fossil fuels for power and other energy needs.
Expected Outputs:
  • Adapted and enhanced legislative and regulatory framework for small-scale hydropower development in the country
  • Enhanced technical and planning know-how and developed market chain for SHP
  • Demonstrated technical and economic viability of SHP technology in supporting socio-economic development.
  • National Scaling-up Programme of Renewable Energy-based Integrated Rural Development in supporting socio-economic development
Date Approved:2011
Expected Completion:2016
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:United Nations Development Programme: $1,330,000
Global Environment Facility: $2,000,000
Links/Documents:UNDP Project Page