Project Details
Regional Economic Cooperation in Central Asia (Phase II, Year 3)
Summary:The overall goal of the regional technical assistance (TA) was to promote economic growth and raise standards of living in the countries of Central Asia through economic cooperation.
Expected Outcome:The operational objectives of the TA focused on the following: preparation of priority regional infrastructure projects in transport; support for trade and investment facilitation; exploring ADB's role in the broad regional water/energy/environment issues; and establishing an overall institutional framework (OIF) to guide the CAREC Program.
Expected Outputs:The TA was expected to support the following specific activities:
  • support the establishment of working groups to coordinate effective preparation of priority road and rail projects;
  • conduct a sector study on customs reforms and cooperation and a comprehensive review of impediments to investment in the region;
  • support a regional energy workshop;
  • support a wide range of activities towards the establishment of an OIF for strengthening overall planning, prioritization, and implementation of the program, including support for a Senior Officials' Meeting and a Ministerial Conference; and
  • analyze potential participation of Turkmenistan in regional economic cooperation.
Date Approved:2001
Expected Completion:2002
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $950,000
Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation: $50,000
Links/Documents:TA Completion Report