Project Details
Regional Logistics Development Project
Summary:The technical assistance will
  • analyze the transport sector in Mongolia;
  • assess the adequacy of multimodal transport infrastructure in Mongolia;
  • finalize the technical design, financing, and institutional arrangements related to the multimodal transport facility at Zamyn-Uud;
  • carry out an assessment of the regional benefits and examine the key trade and facilitation measure to enhance competitiveness of external and internal trade;
  • carry out environmental, social and poverty assessment;
  • prepare resettlement and social development plans, if required, and finalize the project design and monitoring framework.
Expected Outcome:A strategy for developing multimodal transport and a project design for developing a multimodal transport facility at Zamyn Uud suitable for financing are agreed to by the Government of Mongolia and Asian Development Bank
Expected Outputs:
Date Approved:2008
Expected Completion:2011
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $400,000
Government of Mongolia: $100,000
Links/Documents:ADB Project Page
Regional Logistics Development Project (Grant/Loan)