Project Details
Supporting Integrated Border Management Systems in the South Caucasus
Sector:Trade Facilitation
Summary:The project is designed to support implementation of the integrated border management (IBM) principles in Azerbaijan and along the borders of Azerbaijan with Georgia.
Expected Outcome:
Expected Outputs:At the closure of the program, the agencies will have
  • an improved set of harmonized IBM strategies and action plans;
  • improved risk management and analysis policies;
  • strategic leadership and technical capacity in place while high security level is maintained;
  • improved procedure in border crossing points (BCPs) in identifying and processing suspicious cases without disturbing legitimate movements;
  • better equipped pilot BCPs along trade routes;
  • improved document analysis capacities;
  • well-trained trainers and a set of training curricula;
  • enhanced relations among border agencies in the region leading to better cooperation including road borders, rail borders, and seaports.
Date Approved:2010
Expected Completion:2012
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:United Nations Development Programme: $96,000
European Union: $1,769,000
Links/Documents:UNDP Project Page