Project Details
East-West Highway Improvement Project

The project includes

  • improvement of the 89-kilometer (km) Yevlakh–Ganja and 38 km Qazakh–Georgian border sections of the East–West Highway;
  • improvement of 10 local roads of about 65 km to enhance access to the highway;
  • institutional strengthening for the road subsector, covering the areas of road maintenance, axle-load control, road safety, and project management and implementation; and
  • cross-border facilitation between Azerbaijan and Georgia at the Red Bridge by addressing institutional and physical barriers.
Expected Outcome:The project will help accelerate socioeconomic development in the six rayons of west Azerbaijan (Agstafa, Ganja, Goranboy, Khanlar, Qazakh, and Yevlakh) and strengthen regional cooperation. It will improve transport efficiency on the east–west highway and selected local roads.
Expected Outputs:
  • Two-lane paved Yevlakh–Ganja and Qazakh–Georgian border sections improved;
  • 10 local roads in the project improved;
  • institutional capacity of the road subsector strengthened; and
  • cross-border movement of freight and passengers at the Red Bridge bordr point improved.
Date Approved:2005
Expected Completion:2010
Funding Type:Loan
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $52.0 million
Islamic Development Bank: $10.4 million
Saudi Fund for Development: $11.0 million
Government of Azerbaijan: $19.8 million
Links/Documents:ADB Project Page
Project Completion Report