Project Details
CAREC Regional Improving Border Services Project
Sector:Trade Facilitation
Summary:The proposed project will
  • improve border crossing point infrastructure and facility at Torkham, Chaman, and Wagha to the standard that meets users' demand for quality border crossing services; and
  • establish a border point management regime and enhance knowledge and skills of border point operating agencies.
Expected Outcome:The project will reduce cross-border processing time for goods and cargo in Chaman, Torkham, and Wagha.
Expected Outputs:
  • Border crossing point infrastructure and facilities at Chaman, Torkham, and Wagha improved
  • Governance structure of national border point management regime produced and adopted; and organizational design, management structure, financial and administrative procedures, and financial modeling for the PLPA produced and adopted
  • Knowledge and skills of border point operating agencies enhanced
Date Approved:2015
Expected Completion:2022
Funding Type:Loan
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $250,000,000
Government of Pakistan: $50,000,000
Links/Documents:ADB Project Page
NEWS: ADB loan to help improve land border point management for enhanced trade