Project Details
MFF II: Energy Supply Improvement Investment Program, Tranche 1
Summary:The subprojects proposed for financing include the
  • 500 kV transmission line from Sheberghan to Dashte Alwan,
  • 220 kV transmission line from Andkhoy to Sheberghan,
  • project preparation facility for future energy projects and provision of analytical consulting services, and
  • program supervision and implementation consultancy.
Expected Outcome:The project will increase supply of imported power from Tajikistan.
Expected Outputs:
  • 306 kilometers (approximately) of 500 kV Transmission Line from Sheberghan to Dashte Alwan operational
  • 66 kilometers (approximately) of 220 kV Transmission Line from Sheberghan to Andkhoy completed
  • Future projects designed and prepared for financing by ADB and other development partners
  • Business plan and tariff model and framework developed for DABS
Date Approved:2015
Expected Completion:2020
Funding Type:Grant
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $200 million
Afghanistan Infrastructure Trust Fund: $75 million
Government of Afghanistan: $5 million
Links/Documents:ADB Project Page