Project Details
Olzha Phase III Loan
Summary:The project extends a secured loan to JSC Olzha, a private operator of freight wagons in Kazakhstan, to acquire new freight railcars.
Expected Outcome:By supporting the acquisition of additional wagons, the Project would indirectly support small and medium-sized companies whose business involve transportation of commodities and thus improve trade.
Expected Outputs:The first loan was signed in July 2013 and aims to
  • expand private sector participation;
  • develop the leasing market which remains underdeveloped, particularly in the railcar leasing segment); and
  • set standards through formal introduction of OHSAS 18001 (safety process and management), which is a key issue for LPG railcars.

Phase III loan will further facilitate implementation of the original objectives and promote enhancing corporate governance standards via setting up the audit and risk committees.

Date Approved:2015
Expected Completion:0000
Funding Type:Loan
Funding Amount:European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: $11 million
Links/Documents:EBRD Project Page