Project Details
Toktogul Rehabilitation Phase 2 Project
Country:Kyrgyz Republic
Summary:The project will help upgrade the Kyrgyz Republic's largest power plant, Toktogul, which produces 40% of the country's electricity supply and regulates power frequency for Central Asia.
Expected Outcome:The project will increase domestic energy supply and international electricity trade, improve asset management and sector planning, and strengthen sector operational performance.
Expected Outputs:
  • Toktogul hydroelectric power plant,
  • asset inventory and revaluation prepared,
  • Kyrgyz Republic power sector master plan developed, and
  • EPP business process improved.
Date Approved:2014
Expected Completion:2022
Funding Type:Loan
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $110 million
Government of the Kyrgyz Republic: $42 million
Eurasian Development Bank: $100 million
Links/Documents:NEWS: ADB to Help modernize Kyrgyz Republic’s largest power plant
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