Project Details
Second Road Network Development Program
Summary:The small-scale technical assistance (SSTA) is in preparation to the multitranche financing facility (MFF) investment program, Second Road Network Development Program.
Expected Outcome:The investment program will promote regional cooperation and integration, and widen access to social and economic opportunities via improved road infrastructure in Azerbaijan.
Expected Outputs:Individual consultants reports that will include
  • due diligence to meet ADB s requirements for (a) technical aspects related to selection and construction of road sections; assessing specific institutional capacity development needs for sustainable use of the project facilities; (b) economic and financial viability and sustainability;
  • preparation of the Environmental Assessment and Review Framework (EARF), reviewing and updating the environmental impact assessment reports with appropriate environmental monitoring and management plans;
  • assessment and/or due diligence work of land acquisition and resettlement impacts, preparation of a land acquisition and resettlement framework, for the MFF as the whole and if required, resettlement plan(s)/corrective action plan(s); and
  • prepare a poverty and social analysis.
Date Approved:2012
Expected Completion:2013
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $225,000
Links/Documents:ADB Project Page
MFF: Second Road Network Development Program, Tranche 1
MFF: Second Road Network Development Program, Tranche 2