Project Details
CAREC Regional Improvement of Border Services Project
Country:Kyrgyz Republic
Sector:Trade Facilitation
Summary:The project will help upgrade facilities at two key border crossing points, one in Tajikistan and one in the Kyrgyz Republic, and introduce a single window system for tracking cargo to cut processing time and costs.
Expected Outcome:The project will improve the performance of border management personnel, and reduce processing time and cost, resulting in better regional transport connections, improved trade and transit infrastructure, and reduced cross-border barriers.
Expected Outputs:
  • Infrastructure at two road BCPs improved
In the Kyrgyz Republic, at the Karamyk BCP, located along CAREC corridors 3b and 5, the inspection facilities, including customs, sanitary and quarantine, and veterinary checkpoints, will be improved to handle traffic growth and improve the inspection process; power, water supply and sewerage facilities, communication facilities, and office and inspection equipment will be provided.
In Tajikistan, at the Guliston BCP, in a key conduit of the regional Osh Khujand highway,
facilities will be upgraded and equipped, including infrastructure for vehicle inspection and two new border check posts; and water supply and sewerage facilities will be provided.
  • National single window facilities in the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan established
  • Capacity in project management and supervision strengthened
Date Approved:2013
Expected Completion:2018
Funding Type:Grant
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $17.6 million
Government of Tajikistan: $1.9 million
Government of the Kyrgyz Republic: $1.5 million
Links/Documents:ADB Project Page