Project Details
Power Sector Rehabilitation Project
Country:Kyrgyz Republic
Summary:The project will 
  • rehabilitate the 1,200-megawatt Toktogul hydroelectric power plant by replacing secondary electrical and mechanical equipment with new equipment,
  • establish an electricity transactions settlement center,
  • assess the safety of dams on the Naryn cascade, and
  • conduct a public information program on sector reforms.
Expected Outcome:The project will improve the performance of the Toktogul hydroelectric power plant and increase the reliability of national and regional power systems.
Expected Outputs:
  • The 1,200 MW Toktogul HEPP rehabilitated,
  • an electricity transactions settlement center established,
  • dam safety assessed, and
  • public information program delivered.
Date Approved:2012
Expected Completion:2016
Funding Type:Grant
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $40 million (grant)
Asian Development Bank: $15 million (loan)
Shared: $7 million (Kyrgyz government and electric power plants)
Links/Documents:ADB Project Page
Report and Recommendation of the President