Project Details
Xinjiang Regional Road Improvement Project
Country:People's Republic of China
Summary:The proposed project involves improvement of about 296.5-kilometer road between Korle-Kuche section of the G314 Highway, improvement of associated local roads, and cross-border facilitation. The technical assistance assists the executing agency prepare this project in upgradnig the Korle-Kuche section to a 4-lane expressway, and review road issues and provide the basis for strengthening the ongoing policy dialogue with the government.
Expected Outcome:
Expected Outputs:The TA will include three outputs:
  • a study on the impact of the G314 Highway improvement on regional economic cooperation;
  • a feasibility study, including an EIA and summary EIA, resettlement plan, ethnic minority development plan for the Project in conformity with ADB's requirements; and t
  • the EA's strengthened capacity for project preparation, and increased familiarity with ADB's operational policies and procedures on procurement, consulting services, safeguard issues, economic and financial analyses for investment projects, and project monitoring and evaluation through training.
Date Approved:2006
Expected Completion:2009
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $600,000
Government of the People's Republic of China: $150,000
Links/Documents:ADB Project Page