Project Details
Trade and Human Development in Mongolia
Sector:Trade Policy

The project includes

  • analyzing trade policies from a human development perspective, harmonizing these policies with poverty reduction strategies of the government within the framework of the Millennium Development Goals;
  • strengthening Mongolia’s leadership among landlocked countries; and
  • improving negotiation capacity of government officials.
Expected Outcome:The project will help Mongolia overcome economic constraints and vulnerabilities as a result of being landlocked. It will build capacity of national leaders in trade negotiations, and in strengthening the grouping of landlocked countries.
Expected Outputs:
  • Policies and negotiations on trade and industrial development strengthened and harmonized with the country’s Millennium Development Goals;
  • leadership strengthened by participating in ongoing consultations, negotiations, and interaction with other landlocked developing countries; and
  • improved negotiation skills of government officials through new approaches and access to innovative ways of communication and cooperation.
Date Approved:2006
Expected Completion:2008
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:United Nations Development Programme: $475,000
Government of Mongolia: $15,000
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Project Document
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