Project Details
Energy Emergency Assistance Project
Country:Kyrgyz Republic
Summary:The project involves
  • rehabilitation of the electricity and heating systems providing low-sulfur fuel oil to the Bishkek and Osh combined heat and power plants, and providing brass pipes and coal-handling equipment, such as bulldozers; and
  • capacity building to support project implementation, strengthening the institutional capacity of Kyrgyz Republic’s power plant company to carry out project management, monitoring, and evaluation.
Expected Outcome:The project will assist the government to increase the volume and security of the energy supply especially the supply of thermal power in the winter season, in accordance with the Energy Emergency Mitigation Action Plan.
Expected Outputs:
  • Electricity and heat systems rehabilitated and
  • capacity building and project implementation strengthened.
Date Approved:2008
Expected Completion:2012
Funding Type:Grant
Funding Amount:World Bank: $5.5 million (Loan)
World Bank: $5.5 million (Grant)
Links/Documents:World Bank Project Page
Project Information Document
Project Paper
Financing Agreement between the World Bank and the Kyrgyz Republic