Project Details
CAREC Transport Corridor I (Bishkek-Torugart Road), Tranche 2
Country:Kyrgyz Republic
Summary:The project has two components:
  • physical component includes rehabilitating about 75 kilometers (km) of the two-lane Bishkek–Torugart road (km 365–km 400 and km 439–km 479) to category III standards, and constructing an inspection facility for managing international passenger and freight traffic; and
  • nonphysical component involves improvement of the skills and knowledge of the Ministry of Transport and Communications staff.
Expected Outcome:The project will increase regional trade, particularly between the Kyrgyz Republic and the People’s Republic of China, due to higher accessibility and mobility of goods and services. Increased trade will contribute to less poverty in Naryn oblast.
Expected Outputs:
  • Improved pavement in 75 km of 2-lane road (km 365 to 400 and km 439 to 479) to Category III standards, and improved bridges and inspections facility (border control)
  • A development program for road sector professionals implemented according to the human resource development component of the transport sector master plan
  • Improved pavement in 6 km of 2-lane At-Bashy Road (km 4.2 to km 10.2)

Date Approved:2009
Expected Completion:2015
Funding Type:Grant
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $28.0 million (Loan)
Asian Development Bank: $22.0 million (Grant)
Government of the Kyrgyz Republic: $13.0 million
Links/Documents:ADB Project Page