Project Details
Regional Power Transmission Interconnection Project (Tajikistan Component)
Summary:The project consists of four parts:

A. Transmission lines
  • Construction of a new 220-kilovolt (kV) double-circuit river crossing at the level of Karadum village over the Pianj River to the territory of Afghanistan and
  • construction of approximately 118 kilometers (km) of new double-circuit 220 kV transmission line, from the Karadum river border crossing to Sangtuda substation.

B. Substation
  • Supply and installation of high accuracy export/import metering equipment at the Sangtuda substation and
  • construction of two-line bays to connect the new 220 kV transmission line with the Sangtuda substation.

C. Generation
  • Replacement of transformer T3 at Golovnaya hydropower plant,
  • dredging of canals at the Prepadnaya and Centralnaya hydropower plants,
  • rehabilitation and upgrading of unit 3 at Golovnaya hydropower plant,
  • rehabilitation of the excitation system at Baipaza hydropower plant, and
  • optimization of the operation of the Vakhsh cascade.

D. Metering
  • Supply of bulk metering systems for other transmission substations.
Expected Outcome:The project will increase Tajikistan's power export- and income-generating capacity by increasing the capacity of the Southern Grid hydroelectric power plants.
Expected Outputs:
  • Two new 220 kV double-circuit transmission lines at Karadum over Pianj river and from Karadum to Santuda substation constructed;
  • Sangtuda station improved, with metering equipment installed and two-line bays constructed;
  • generation of electricity improved due to rehabilitation at Goloynaya, Prepadnaya, Centralnaya, and Baipaza hydropower plants; and
  • bulk metering systems for other transmission substations provided.
Date Approved:2006
Expected Completion:2010
Funding Type:Loan
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $21.5 million
OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) Fund for International Development: $8.5 million
Islamic Development Bank: $10.0 million
Barki Tajik: $14 million
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