Project Details
CAREC Regional Road Corridor Improvement Project (Tajikistan Component)
Summary:The regional road corridor improvement project covers 263-kilometer (km) two-lane road from Sary Tash in the Kyrgyz Republic to Nimich in Tajikistan. The Tajikistan component of the project includes
  • improvement of 121 km of the road from Tajik–Kyrgyz border at Karamik to Nimich, reinforcement of embankment and protection measures, rehabilitation of slopes, and installation of drainage systems and road safety measures; and replacement of five seriously deteriorated bridges, repair of four bridges, and construction of three new bridges;
  • construction and rehabilitation of Karamik border post (Kyrgyz–Tajik border);
  • strengthening sustainability and capacity of road subsectors by outsourcing maintenance operations to the private sector in Tajikistan; and
  • a cross-border agreement among the Kyrgyz Republic, the People's Republic of China (PRC), and Tajikistan.
Expected Outcome:The project will help reduce transport costs and foster regional trade and cooperation among the Kyrgyz Republic, the PRC, Tajikistan, and other Central Asian countries by improving sections of the regional road corridor from Tajikistan to the Kyrgyz Republic.
Expected Outputs:
  • Improved and properly maintained 121 km of the 263 km
    Nimich–Sary Tash road corridor;
  • improved infrastructure and facilities of Karamik border post at Kyrgyz–Tajik border;
  • increased sustainability and capacity of road subsectors and adequate source of financing; and
  • cross-border agreement among the Kyrgyz Republic, the PRC, and Tajikistan.
Date Approved:2007
Expected Completion:2014
Funding Type:Grant
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $40.9 million Loan
Asian Development Bank: $12.5 million Grant
Government of Tajikistan: $23.1 million
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