Project Details
Railways Development Project
Summary:The objective of the technical assistance (TA) is to prepare a project that helps the Government of Uzbekistan improve sector efficiency to meet the transportation needs of the domestic economy and international traffic.
Expected Outcome:The TA (i) designs a sector reform and institutional strengthening program to further the policy dialogue of the earlier two railways projects; (ii) restructures the Uzbekistan Temir Yullari (Uzbekistan Railways); (iii) rationalizes ancillary activities; (iv) introduces accounting, planning, and costing systems; (v) reduces staff and downsizing assets; and (vi) promotes the social impact of the restructuring program.
Expected Outputs:The scope of the TA includes the preparation of a feasibility study for a railway development project suitable for external financing.

The study will cover all relevant areas, including technical, financial, and economic viability; environmental impacts; institutional and organizational aspects; and social and poverty impacts in accordance with Asian Development Bank's guidelines.

Date Approved:2002
Expected Completion:2003
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $600,000
Government of Uzbekistan: $260,000
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