Project Details
Regional Road Development Project

The project covers

  • construction of 428 kilometers (km) of a two-lane, asphalt concrete road between Choyr and the People's Republic of China border in Zamyn-Uud;
  • implementation of a cross-border road transport facilitation plan;
  • improvement of road safety;
  • implementation of an area development program, including construction of four access roads totaling about 34 km to connect Erdene, Orgon, and Saynshand; establishing a pilot roadside station; training local laborers on road construction and maintenance; and enhancing stakeholder participation; and
  • technical assistance for awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS and human trafficking on the north-south road corridor.
Expected Outcome:The project will promote regional cooperation and sustainable economic growth. It will increase the efficiency and safety of domestic and international transit traffic between the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation through Mongolia’s north–south road transport corridor.
Expected Outputs:
  • About 428 km of asphalt concrete road between Choyr and the PRC border in Zamyn-Uud built;
  • cross-border road transport facilitation plan implemented;
  • road safety improvement component implemented;
  • area development program implemented; and
  • program on HIV/AIDS and human trafficking awareness implemented.
Date Approved:2004
Expected Completion:2015
Funding Type:Loan
Funding Amount:Asian Development Bank: $37 million
Government of the Republic of Korea: $23.9 million
Government of the People's Republic of China: $1.5 million
Government of Mongolia: $15.6 million
Links/Documents:ADB Project Page