CAREC National Joint Transport and Trade Facilitation Committees (NJCs) Workshop on Preparation of CAREC Regional Improvement of Border Services Project

Bangkok, Thailand: 27-28 January 2011

Workshop delegates reviewed potential investment proposals related to border-crossing points and single windows, and discussed the coordination mechanism for the Regional Improvement of Border Services (RIBS) Investment Project, particularly regarding the NJCs.

The Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) project preparation team emphasized the regional public goods feature of the project and the importance of regional cooperation in achieving improvement outputs. The team also presented the project components: criteria for selection of projects; coordination structure to implement the technical assistance, which ADB approved in January 2011 to prepare the RIBS project; and the proposed timeline.

CAREC NJCs, in turn, updated participants on their progress in facilitating trade and the parameters of their possible participation in the proposed project. As follow-up actions, country representatives would report to their governments about the project, the timetable for the project preparation, and the loan. They would also work with the proper agencies to identify the overall and sector focal points for the project.

NJC representatives were from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, the People’s Republic of China, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.



Presentation Materials
Day 1
Update on 9th Ministerial Conference and Proposed Regional Improvement of Border Services | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Programme at ESCAP [Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific] | РУССКИЙ | 中文
ESCAP's Transport Activities | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Border Crossing Points Infrastructure Task Team | РУССКИЙ | 中文
RIBS Project Preparation: Trade Facilitation and Single Window Task Team | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Preparing the CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation Project: Regional Improvement of Border Services | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Azerbaijan: Transport System: Prospects for Development of Infrastructure, Investment Projects, and Single Window Concept Implementation
· Presentation | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· Speech | 中文
Azerbaijan: State Customs Committee | РУССКИЙ
Kazakhstan: Technology Upgrading as a Trade Facilitation Tool
· Presentation | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· Speech | 中文
Kazakhstan: Logistical Systems Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan
· Presentation | РУССКИЙ
· Speech | РУССКИЙ
Mongolian Customs: SEW [Single Electronic Window] and BCP [Border-Crossing Point]
Uzbekistan: Concept of Single Window Implementation at the Border Crossing Points | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Uzbekistan: Speech of International Transport Department Deputy Chief Mr. T. Aliev | РУССКИЙ
Day 2
Safeguard-related Issues
· Environmental Safeguards / Gender and Development | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· The ADB Safeguards Policy on Land Acquisition/Resettlement and Indigenous Peoples: Challenges and Recommended Approaches for the Proposed Loan | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Role of National Transport and Trade Facilitation Committees | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Coordination Issues: CAREC Regional Project on Improvement of Border Services | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Loan Agreements: Key Processing Milestones and Financing Documentation | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Afghanistan: Status Quo of AFPRO [Afghan National Trade and Transport Facilitation Committee] | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Kazakhstan: National Joint Committee Report (Speech) | РУССКИЙ | 中文

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