CAREC Ninth Trade Policy Coordinating Committee Meeting

Baku, Azerbaijan: 23 September 2008

The Meeting focused on finalizing a draft Trade Policy Strategic Action Plan russian version. The draft Action Plan aims to achieve the goal of trade expansion through regional cooperation and is focused on two core objectives:

  • achieving more open economies, including by seeking WTO membership for all CAREC countries and by simplifying and liberalizing trade regimes; and
  • building the capacity and knowledge of governments to help identify and implement mutually beneficial trade policy initiatives.

The Meeting also reviewed a study russian version of Afghanistan's border-crossing points and progress on trade tax reforms russian version among the participating countries.



Presentation Materials
Afghanistan's Trade with CAREC Neighbors
· Paper | РУССКИЙ
· Presentation | РУССКИЙ
Implementation of Reforms of Trade Taxes in CAREC Countries
· Paper | РУССКИЙ
· Presentation | РУССКИЙ

Key Documents
Agenda | РУССКИЙ
Trade Policy Strategic Action Plan
· Paper | РУССКИЙ
· Presentation | РУССКИЙ

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