CAREC ESCC 2nd Subcommittee Meeting for Pillar 1: Energy Supply/Demand Balance and Infrastructure Constraints

Bangkok, Thailand: 25–26 July 2011

Participants of CAREC Energy Sector Coordinating Committee (ESCC) 2nd Subcommittee Meeting were

  • informed about the new 10-year strategic framework for CAREC for 2011–2020 (CAREC 2020), and
  • advised of the need to agree on a medium-term priority project (MTPP) list.

CAREC 2020 and the MTPP list will be presented for the endorsement of the 10th CAREC Ministerial Conference in Baku in November 2011.

The interim report on the Power Sector Regional Master Plan was also presented by Fichtner Gmbh & Co. The draft final report will be presented at the 3rd Subcommittee Meeting, tentatively scheduled for the last week of October 2011.

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