CAREC Energy Sector Coordinating Committee (ESCC) Meeting

Bangkok, Thailand: 28-29 September 2012

Energy sector focal points of nine CAREC member countries, together with officials from their energy ministries or agencies working on ESCC matters,

  • were updated on the Energy Action Plan 2009–2012 completion report;
  • discussed the ESCC’s key roles in promoting the Energy Work Plan (EWP) 2013–2015;
  • identified strategies, actions, and programs in implementing the EWP 2013–2015; and
  • recommended capacity-building and knowledge-sharing modalities to achieve the goals of the EWP.

The draft EWP was endorsed at the CAREC Senior Officials’ Meeting in June 2012. The EWP outlines a mechanism for realizing projects and programs that will improve energy cooperation among CAREC countries.

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