ADB–ESCAP Capacity Building Workshop on Single-Window Implementation

Seoul, Republic of Korea: 23-26 April 2012

The workshop raised awareness of and trained managerial-level stakeholders from member countries of Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) and South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) on implementing a single window.

Participants, who are responsible for making policies and implementing programs for paper trade and a single window, learned

  • from the practices of Pan-Asian eCommerce Alliance (PAA) on how to formulate a program for cross-border electronic data exchange,
  • essential legal aspects in enabling single window and paperless trade environment, and
  • from actual paperless operation of single window–related agencies through site visits.

The sites visited were UiWang Inland Container Depot; Jungbu Regional Office of the Animal, Plant and Fisheries Quarantine and Inspection Agency; and Incheon Customs.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) co-sponsored the workshop.

Presentation Materials
Introduction to the Workshop | РУССКИЙ
Day 1: Joint Workshop with Pan-Asian eCommerce Alliance (PAA)
About PAA-Foundation, Business Processes, and Projects | РУССКИЙ
Legal Framework of PAA | РУССКИЙ
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Mutual Recognition Framework | РУССКИЙ
Technical Standard of PAA | РУССКИЙ
PAA Initiatives in ASEAN | РУССКИЙ
Days 2 and 3: UN Network of Experts for Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific Workshop
Session 1: Overview of [Electronic] Single Window Legal Aspects | РУССКИЙ
Session 2: Legal Recognition of Electronic Communications | РУССКИЙ
Session 3: UNCITRAL Legal Texts on Electronic Transactions | РУССКИЙ
Session 4: Introduction to the Law of Electronic Signatures | РУССКИЙ
Session 5: Data Quality Considerations | РУССКИЙ
Session 6: Data Retention, Privacy, Data Protection, and Information Security | РУССКИЙ
Session 7: Other Legal Issues – IPR, Liability Issues, Dispute Resolution | РУССКИЙ
Session 8: Assessing Legal Gaps in Implementing a Single Window | РУССКИЙ
Case Study 1: Azerbaijan - The Steps to Establish an Enabling Legal Environment for Single Window Facility | РУССКИЙ
Case Study 2: Republic of Korea – National Legal Framework for Enabling Paperless Trade | РУССКИЙ
Special Session 1: Logistics Automation for Global Supply Chain Management
Special Session 2: Global Logistics Information Synchronization Technology for QoS | РУССКИЙ

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