CAREC Business Development Forum

Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China: 29-30 July 2010

The 2-day CAREC Business Development Forum (BDF) aimed to

  • support private sector participation in regional initiatives,
  • encourage foreign direct investment in priority infrastructure projects, and
  • promote collaboration among private and public sector organizations in CAREC countries.

There were plenary sessions on business opportunities and public-private partnerships in regional development, country presentations on trade and investment opportunities, and how the Asian Development Bank (ADB) supports private sector investment. The forum also had panel discussions on transport, agricultural trade, trade facilitation, and energy.

BDF organizers were the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China, the Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and ADB, in cooperation with the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.


29 July

Opening Ceremony

Plenary Session

30 July

Closing Session

Press Conference

News Release

Public-Private Partnerships Can Unlock Central Asia's Vast Potential - ADB russian version chinese version



Presentation Materials
29 July
I. Plenary Session
· PPP: A Roadmap for Success | РУССКИЙ
· Key Role of Private Equity Investment in Corporate Development | 中文
II. Country Presentations
· Afghanistan | РУССКИЙ
· Armenia | РУССКИЙ
· Azerbaijan | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· China, People??s Rep. of | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· Kazakhstan | РУССКИЙ
· Kyrgyz Republic | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· Mongolia | РУССКИЙ
· Pakistan | РУССКИЙ
· Tajikistan | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· Uzbekistan | РУССКИЙ
30 July
I. Panel Session: Transport
· CAREC Transport Development Program | РУССКИЙ
· Business Opportunities for Private Sector Participation in the Transport Sector under CAREC | РУССКИЙ
· Xinjiang's Transport Development: Status and Outlook | 中文
II. Panel Session: Agriculture
· Cooperation of Agricultural Science and Technology between Xinjiang and Central Asian Countries | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· On the Conditions of Trade and Cooperation on Agricultural Products among Central Asian Countries and My Advice for Its Tactics | РУССКИЙ | 中文
III. Panel Session: Trade Facilitation
· CAREC Trade Facilitation Program Overview | РУССКИЙ
· Removing Barriers to Trade: Private Sector Perspective | РУССКИЙ
· Promote the Development of Private Enterprises by Market-based Instruments | 中文
· Logistics Development and Trade Facilitation in CAR | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· Proposed Border Crossing Point and Single Window Development Project | РУССКИЙ
IV. Panel Session: Energy
· Asian Development Bank's Role in Facilitating Investments in the Energy Sector | РУССКИЙ
· Public Power Industry Regulation in the Republic of Kazakhstan | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· Investing in Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency | 中文
· Mongolia: Policy on Energy Development and Investment Opportunities | РУССКИЙ

Key Documents
Program | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Panel Session Agendas
· Transport | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· Agriculture | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· Trade Facilitation | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· Energy | РУССКИЙ | 中文

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