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The Impact of Infrastructure on Trade and Economic Growth in Selected Economies in Asia
This study quantifies the impacts of both hard and soft infrastructure on trade volume for exporters and importers in the region as well as on various economic growth indicators.
(Normaz Wana Ismail, Jamilah Mohd Mahyideen / ADB)
Dec 2015Trade FacilitationWorking papers
From Landlocked to Linked In: The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program | РУССКИЙ
This publication discusses the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program as a partnership of 10 countries supported by six multilateral institutions. The program invests in regional infrastructure and initiatives to promote connectivity and trade, helping the mostly landlocked countries reach out to global markets. The deepening regional trade links are also opening up previously unexploited resources, including huge energy resources.
Sep 2015Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, Energy, Regional CooperationCAREC Publications
Improving Energy Efficiency and Reducing Emissions through Intelligent Railway Station Buildings
This report aims to support the People’s Republic of China national carbon emission reduction plan in railway station buildings.
Sep 2015Transport, EnergyResearch and reports
Asian Development Outlook 2015 Update: Enabling Women, Energizing Asia
This update highlights how realizing women’s equal rights and contributions to economic and political life can yield ample benefits.
Sep 2015Transport, EconomyBooks
Reforming the Financing System for the Road Sector in the People’s Republic of China
Analyzes the implications of the reform on the operation and maintenance of ordinary roads and recommends the formation of a National Road and Funding Administration, responsible for the national road programs and policy.
Aug 2015TransportResearch and reports
Kazakhstan Trade Report : Improving the Trade Policy Framework
This report is composed of three policy notes that discuss how to improve the trade policy framework, management, and regulations in Kazakhstan.
(World Bank)
Jun 2015Trade PolicyResearch and reports
Together We Deliver: From Knowledge and Partnerships to Results
Read how ADB, governments, people, and organizations work together to deliver sustained and inclusive results. This edition includes stories on ADB projects in People’s Republic of China, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, which are CAREC member countries.
Apr 2015TransportBooks
Asian Development Outlook 2015: Financing Asia's Future Growth
This edition makes the case for further developing Asia’s financial sector to broaden access for households and firms to affordable finance that can spur investment, innovation, and inclusive growth.
Mar 2015EconomyBooks
Climate Proofing ADB Investment in the Transport Sector: Initial Experience
Investments in the transport sector are among those most vulnerable to changes in climate variables. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has put in place a systematic framework guiding the conduct of climate risk and vulnerability assessments of investment projects.
Jan 2015TransportResearch and reports
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