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Operationalizing Economic Corridors in Central Asia: A Case Study of the Almaty–Bishkek Corridor | РУССКИЙ
This report builds on the long-term strategic framework of the CAREC Program to operationalize economic corridor development (ECD) in the Central Asia region. The study provides a detailed but preliminary exploration of a specific segment of CAREC Corridor 1—the Almaty–Bishkek Corridor—to assess its potential as a pilot for ECD, and outlines steps to be taken over the next 12 months to develop this corridor.
Nov 2014Transport, Trade FacilitationCAREC Publications
CAREC Development Effectiveness Review 2013: A Refined Perspective | РУССКИЙ
This review measures the performance of CAREC projects and initiatives in transport, trade, and energy during 2013; highlights achievements; identifies areas for improvement; and proposes actions to meet emerging challenges and assist in strategic decision making.
Nov 2014Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyCAREC Publications
CAREC Development Effectiveness Review (DEfR) 2013: A Refined Perspective | РУССКИЙ
This DEfR is the fifth annual consolidated picture of progress made by country and multilateral institution partners of CAREC toward economic development through regional cooperation. This brochure provides a snapshot of the CAREC Program's progress in 2013.
Oct 2014Transport, Trade Facilitation, Energy, Trade PolicyCAREC Publications
CAREC Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring: A Forward-Looking Retrospective | РУССКИЙ | 中文
This report describes how CAREC corridor performance measurement and monitoring (CPMM) helps to achieve the objectives of the CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy and its Implementation Action Plan.
Oct 2014Transport, Trade FacilitationCAREC Publications
Price of Electricity Transit in Transition Countries | РУССКИЙ
This report analyzes various issues related to electricity transit in selected countries of Central and South Asia and compares existing transit tariff methodologies and to make recommendations to the respective decision making bodies of the region.
(Energy Charter)
Oct 2014EnergyResearch and reports
Energy Security in Asia: Prospects for Regional Cooperation
Three case studies illustrate some of the secondary consequences of the search for energy security and its relationship to regional trade and cooperation.
(Lucas, Nigel / ADB)
Sep 2014EnergyWorking Papers
Asian Development Outlook 2014 Update: Asia in Global Value Chains
This update to April 2014 publication shows whether previous forecasts were met, explaining divergence between forecasts and the actual outturn, and firms the forecasts for the next 18 months or so.
Sep 2014EconomyBooks
Revitalizing Industrial Growth in Pakistan: Trade, Infrastructure, and Environmental Performance
Shows how Pakistan can revitalize its manufacturing by reducing the cost of doing business, improving the investment climate, and strengthening institutions to facilitate the flow of people, goods, and ideas and thus stimulate medium-term growth and job creation.
(Sanchez-Triana, Ernesto; Biller, Dan; Nabi, Ijaz; Ortolano, Leonard; Dezfuli, Ghazal; Afzal, Javaid; Enriquez, Santiago / World Bank)
Jul 2014Trade FacilitationBooks
CAREC Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring Annual Report 2013 | РУССКИЙ
Based on data submitted by national transport associations from CAREC member countries and using time-cost-distance methodology, the report focuses on measuring time and costs incurred in transporting various types of goods across Central Asia.
Jun 2014Transport, Trade FacilitationCAREC Publications
The Eurasian Connection : Supply-Chain Efficiency along the Modern Silk Route through Central Asia
Explains how supply chain fragmentation remains a serious obstacle to economic development of Central Asia and provides a comprehensive assessment of the various factors that impede supply-chain integration, including weak transport and communications infrastructure.
(Rastogi, Cordula; Arvis, Jean-Francois / World Bank)
Jun 2014Transport, Trade FacilitationResearch and reports
Regional Economic Outlook Update: Middle East & Central Asia (May 2014) | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Economic growth is expected to decline slightly, mainly because of weakening growth momentum in emerging market trading partners (particularly, China, Russia, and Turkey) and a temporary decline in oil output growth in Kazakhstan.
May 2014EconomyResearch and reports
Climate Change and Sustainable Water Management in Central Asia
Describes the results of research conducted thru an ADB-funded technical assistance that combined field observations with satellite-based data and created models to demonstrate the impacts of climate change on the Aral Sea Basin.
(Punkari, Mikko; Droogers, Peter; Immerzeel, Walter; Korhonen, Natalia; Lutz, Arthur; Venäläinen, Ari / ADB)
May 2014EnergyWorking Papers
Analysis of Informal Obstacles to Cross-Border Economic Activity in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Analyzes trade barriers in manufacturing, transport, and agriculture, which are key industries that experience different types of restrictions and varying degrees of state intervention in both countries.
(Vakulchuk, Roman; Irnazarov, Farrukh / ADB)
May 2014Trade Facilitation, Trade PolicyWorking Papers
Asian Development Outlook 2014: Fiscal Policy for Inclusive Growth
Takes a close look at the role of fiscal policy in reversing widening inequality in developing Asia. It recognizes that, as emerging demographic and environmental challenges are expected to compete for public resources in the years ahead, regional governments will need to explore options for mobilizing more revenue as they build equity objectives into their fiscal plans.
Apr 2014EconomyBooks
Together We Deliver: 10 Stories from ADB-Supported Projects with Clear Development Impacts
Highlights successful Asian Development Bank projects across Asia and the Pacific that demonstrated development impacts, best practice, and innovation. A recurring theme of the projects is the partnerships among developing member countries, ADB, other organizations, and individuals.
Apr 2014Transport, Regional Cooperation, EnergyBooks
Regulatory Assessment Toolkit: A Practical Methodology for Assessing Regulation on Trade and Investment in Services
Provides guidance on how to assess and reform the regulatory policies of service trade industries. The toolkit can help government officials evaluate whether their regulatory framework addresses market failures, achieves public interest goals in an efficient manner, and promotes the development of an efficient domestic services market.
(Martin Molinuevo and Sebastian Sáez / WB)
Mar 2014Trade PolicyBooks
Managing for Development Results: Rail Infrastructure Tariffs - Enabling Private Sector Development in Mongolia’s Railway Sector
Examines the system of tariffs in Mongolia for the use of railway infrastructure that is needed to enable liberalization of the freight market.
Mar 2014TransportResearch and reports
“At the Border” and “Behind the Border”: Integrated Trade Facilitation—Reforms and Implementation | РУССКИЙ
Government officials and private sector representatives from CAREC countries and elsewhere exchanged information about new methods and technologies concerning border management, customs control, and trade facilitation. This report summarizes the knowledge they shared and gained.
Mar 2014Transport, Trade FacilitationCAREC Publications
CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy 2020 | РУССКИЙ
The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy (TTFS) was refined to account for changes in the CAREC Program since 2008, particularly expanded membership and the new strategic framework (CAREC 2020). The refined strategy also reflects lessons learned during the initial phase of implementation, aiming to more efficiently and comprehensively achieve the goals of establishing competitive corridors; facilitating the movement of goods and people through these corridors; and providing sustainable, safe, and user-friendly transport and trade networks.
Feb 2014Transport, Trade FacilitationCAREC Publications
Unstoppable: The Hairatan to Mazar-e-Sharif Railway Project Performance-Based Operation and Maintenance Contract
The first railway project of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Afghanistan has established a northern trade route, which is vital to the country’s reconstruction. The project’s sustained operational achievement can be largely attributed to a new tool used by ADB: the performance-based operation and maintenance contract.
Feb 2014TransportOthers
CAREC in Tajikistan: Building a Global Future | РУССКИЙ
Tajikistan is committed to expanding mutually beneficial economic cooperation with all countries and has actively participated in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program since 1998. CAREC seeks to boost the country’s prosperity by increasing access to trade and transport services and supporting the expansion of the energy sector.
Jan 2014Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyCAREC Publications
Diversified development: Making the most of natural resources in Eurasia
Studies economic development in the twelve countries of Eurasia, where six countries are rich in natural resources: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, and the other six countries are not: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, and Tajikistan.
(Indermit Gill, Ivailo Izvorski, Ivailo, Willem van Eeghen, and Donato De Rosa / WB)
Jan 2014EconomyResearch and reports
Toward a Sustainability Appraisal Framework for Transport
The proposed Sustainable Transport Appraisal Rating (STAR) is a tool for assessing the sustainability of Asian Development Bank (ADB) transport projects and monitoring changes in the portfolio. It is intended to serve as a tool to design more sustainable transport projects and also developed as a contribution to the emerging common assessment framework of the eight multilateral development banks.
Jan 2014TransportWorking papers
Economic Corridor Development for Inclusive Asian Regional Integration: Modeling Approach to Economic Corridors
Looks at the experience of economic corridor development from across the world, including successful economic corridor developments in the European Union and South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) regions. In these cases, detailed models were constructed to assess the economic impact of corridor investments, leading to a framework for evidence-based policy analysis.
Jan 2014EconomyBooks
World Economic Outlook (WEO) Update: Is the Tide Rising? | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Projects global growth to be slightly higher in 2014, at around 3.7%, rising to 3.9% in 2015, a broadly unchanged outlook from the October 2013 WEO. But downward revisions to growth forecasts in some economies highlight continued fragilities, and downside risks remain.
Jan 2014EconomyResearch and reports
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