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Energy Access and Energy Security in Asia and the Pacific
Provides an in-depth analysis on the current state of energy poverty in Asia and the prospects and prescriptions for advancing energy affordability and access.
(Benjamin K. Sovacool / ADB)
Dec 2013EnergyWorking papers
Maximizing Access to Energy for the Poor in Developing Asia
Highlights recent and ongoing projects that help ADB reduce “energy poverty” through focused efforts and innovative solutions.
Dec 2013EnergyOthers
Regional Economic Outlook: Caucasus and Central Asia | РУССКИЙ
Economic activity in the region is expected to continue expanding at a fast clip. Growth is driven by a recovery in the hydrocarbon sector and firm growth in domestic demand. The positive near-term outlook is also an opportunity to strengthen policy frameworks and set in motion a process of structural transformation into dynamic emerging economies.
Nov 2013EconomyResearch and reports
Asian Development Outlook 2013 Update: Governance and Public Service Delivery
Presents an analysis of developing Asia’s recent economic performance plus its prospects for the next 2 years. This update shows whether these forecasts were met, explaining divergence between forecasts and the actual outturn, and firms the forecasts for the next 18 months or so.
Oct 2013EconomyBooks
Energy Outlook for Asia and the Pacific
Attempts to identify policy, social, infrastructure, and technology issues that must be addressed to meet the future energy needs of Asian Development Bank members in Asia and the Pacific.
Oct 2013EnergyBooks
Report to the Government of Kazakhstan: Policies for Industrial and Service Diversification in Asia in the 21st Century
Analyzes the degree of diversification of Kazakhstan’s economy during the last 15 years. In 2010, Kazakhstan exported fewer products with comparative advantage than it did one decade ago. (ADB)
Oct 2013EconomyResearch and Reports
Economics of Climate Change in East Asia
Examines how strategies for adapting to climate change up to 2050 can be combined with measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in East Asia. The study includes the People's Republic of China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Mongolia.
Oct 2013EnergyBooks
Tajikistan: 15 Years of Partnership with the Asian Development Bank
Highlights how ADB operations have helped Tajikistan reduce isolation, increase communication, broaden access to electricity, improve social services, and create jobs.
Oct 2013Regional CooperationResearch and reports
CAREC Development Effectiveness Review 2012: Implementing CAREC 2020 – Vision and Action (Brochure) | РУССКИЙ
A snapshot of the CAREC Program's progress in 2012.
Oct 2013Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyCAREC Publications
Kazakhstan: Solid Growth, Unsettled Global Environment
Analyzes Kazakhstan's economic performance and integration into the global economy.
(World Bank)
Sep 2013EconomyResearch and reports
CAREC Development Effectiveness Review 2012: Implementing CAREC 2020 – Vision and Action | РУССКИЙ
This CAREC DeFR is the fourth annual consolidated picture of progress made by country and multilateral institution partners of CAREC toward economic development through regional cooperation. It measures the performance of CAREC projects and initiatives in transport, trade, and energy during 2012; highlights achievements; identifies areas for improvement; and proposes actions to meet emerging challenges and assist in strategic decision making.
Sep 2013Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyCAREC Publications
CAREC Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring Annual Report 2012 | РУССКИЙ
The report provides valuable statistical data to evaluate freight flows and costs along the six CAREC transport corridors. Adopted in 2007 as part of CAREC’s Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy, CPMM supports policy reforms to improve transport links and facilitate trade between CAREC member countries.
Aug 2013Trade Facilitation, TransportCAREC Publications
Mapping EU Development Aid to Central Asia
Provides an overview of European Union (EU) aid to Central Asia and briefly describes funding instruments and regional and national EU allocations in the region.
(Europe–Central Asia Monitoring)
Jul 2013EconomyOthers
What is Economic Corridor Development and What Can It Achieve in Asia’s Subregions?
Contains case studies by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) indicating benchmarks on characteristics of economic corridors. Expounds on development and regional integration challenges along economic corridors and the dynamics of economic corridor development.
Jul 2013Transport, EnergyWorking Papers
Tajikistan's Winter Energy Crisis
Explores a range of supply and demand alternatives (e.g., thermal, run-of-river hydro, other renewables, energy efficiency and demand management) to assist the Government of Tajikistan in exploring ways to overcome electricity shortages due to rising demand for electricity.
(World Bank)
Jul 2013EnergyResearch and reports
Same Energy, More Power: Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Asia
Examines prospects for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to ramp up efforts in the region for greater utilization of demand-side energy efficiency. The report further identifies global and regional trends that are driving Asia’s energy demand and the resulting policy and regulatory environment for energy efficiency.
Jun 2013EnergyResearch and reports
Central Asia 2030
Looks into prospects for the development of Central Asia as a region and expectations regarding the development of Central Asian societies.
(Europe–Central Asia Monitoring)
Jun 2013EconomyOthers
Regional Economic Outlook Update 2013: Caucasus and Central Asia
States that countries across the region should reinvigorate their reform efforts to address longstanding structural issues, with a view to improving governance, building an investor-friendly environment, developing a more inclusive financial system, and fostering regional trade and finance integration.
May 2013EconomyResearch and reports
Modernizing Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures to Facilitate Trade in Agricultural and Food Products
Recommends a set of coordinated measures designed to improve and reduce delays in handling perishable goods in transit (and particularly at border -crossing points), ensure that food is safe for consumers, and prevent the spread of pests and diseases among animals and plants. The study is based on an examination of sanitary and phytosanitary measures as applied in the People’s Republic of China, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan.
May 2013Trade FacilitationResearch and reports
Guidelines for Climate Proofing Investment in the Energy Sector
Provides a step-by-step methodological approach to help project teams assess and incorporate climate change adaptation measures into energy investment projects.
May 2013EnergyBooks
Trade policy barriers: an obstacle to export diversification in Eurasia
Analyzes trade policy barriers in Eurasia, East Asia and the Pacific, and the European Union using the most recent data from sources including the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, and the World Bank.
(World Bank)
May 2013Trade PolicyResearch and reports
Asian Development Outlook 2013: Asia’s Energy Challenge
Features a special chapter on Asia's energy challenges, stating. that the region needs an ample supply of clean, affordable energy to continue its rapid growth in the coming decades. To achieve energy security, developing Asia must actively contain its rising demand, aggressively explore new supply sources and technology, and progressively integrate regional energy markets and infrastructure. (ADB)
Apr 2013EconomyBooks
Growing Green: The Economic Benefits of Climate Action
Identifies actions governments in Central Asian countries can take to reduce carbon footprints in their economies. To realize the benefits, policy makers need to quickly prioritize three areas: use energy much more efficiently, gradually move to cleaner energy sources, and increase carbon capture in soils and forests.
(World Bank)
Apr 2013EnergyResearch and reports
Regional Cooperation and Integration: Experiences in Asia and the Pacific
This publication compiles presentations, discussions, and speeches delivered at the Conference on Regional Cooperation and Integration: Experiences in Asia and the Pacific in Kunming on 26-27 March 2012. The conference reviewed the status of regional cooperation and integration (RCI) across Asia, shared experiences among RCI programs, and discussed ways to deepen and widen the scope of RCI in Asia and the Pacific.
Mar 2013Regional CooperationResearch and reports
Outward Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Investment: The Case of Developing Countries
This study empirically examines the effects of outward foreign direct investment (FDI) on domestic investment in developing countries. Using data from 121 developing and transition economies over the period 1990-2010, the results suggest that FDI outflows negatively impact the rate of domestic investment.
(Ali Al-sadiq / IMF)
Feb 2013EconomyWorking papers
World Economic Outlook Update: Gradual Upturn in Global Growth during 2013
This edition projects global growth to increase during 2013, as the factors underlying soft global activity are expected to subside. However, this upturn is projected to be more gradual than in the October 2012 World Economic Outlook projections.
Jan 2013EconomyResearch and reports
Uncertainty and Trade Agreements
This paper explores the potential gains that a trade agreement can provide by regulating trade-policy uncertainty, in addition to the more standard gains from reducing the mean levels of trade barriers.
(Nuno Limao and Giovanni Maggi / NBER)
Jan 2013Trade PolicyWorking papers
How Much Do Tariffs Matter? Evidence from the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia
This paper provides an empirical analysis of the early impact of the formation of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the Russian Federation, and associated changes in import schedules on the structure of imports of the three member countries.
(Asel Isakova, Zsoka Koczan, and Alexander Plekhanov / EBRD)
Jan 2013Trade FacilitationWorking papers
Globalizing Central Asia: Geopolitics and the Challenges of Economic Development
Central Asia, as it emerges from a political and economic system that was closed until the end of the twentieth century, is a textbook case for globalization. This book traces the region's entry into the highly competitive global arena, not only through state interaction with numerous external players, but also in geo-economic terms.
(Marlene Laruelle and Sebastien Peyrouse / M.E. Sharpe)
Jan 2013EconomyBooks
Economic Impact of Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis on Developing Asia
The euro crisis will undoubtedly influence Asia's short-term macroeconomic outlook. The key question, however, is how big the impact will be. This paper tries to answer this by examining both the trade and financial channels of crisis transmission.
(Minsoo Lee, Donghyun Park, Arnelyn Abdon, and Gemma Estrada / ADB)
Jan 2013Economy, FinanceWorking papers
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